COVID-19 Updated Guidelines 

Per Recommendations dated 10/07/2022    (QSO-20-39-NH, QSO-20-38-NH) 

All individuals' residents, families, other visitors, and staff are required to follow all applicable infection control protocols. This is inclusive of, and not limited to, all State and Federal guidelines and requirements. All individuals are also required to follow all facility visitor and infection control policies and procedures. Anyone with questions should request clarification and assistance.  

All Visitors and Staff are encouraged to continue to use PPE within the facility. The facility will provide PPE free of charge. 

Family visits are welcome to visit at any time. Family visitors are required to self-screen. This includes self-evaluating if a visitor is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. If a visitor is experiencing any COVID-19 or influenza symptoms, they are encouraged to not enter the facility and return to visit when they have tested negative, or their symptoms have passed. If a visitor insists on visiting, we encourage them to wear a surgical mask while in the building, maintain within the social distancing of 6 feet, meet with the residents in their rooms, and refrain from using common spaces.  

All Staff are required to self-screen. Staff that are fully vaccinated may work in direct resident contact without a surgical mask. Fully vaccinated requires having received a two-step series of COVID-19 vaccinations (e.g., Pfizer/Moderna) OR having received the one step COVID-19 vaccination (Janssen/Johnson & Johnson).  

Staff that do not meet the requirement of being fully vaccinated will be required to be tested for COVID-19 once a week before working in direct contact with residents.  

If staff are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, they will be required to follow testing guidelines as recommended by the CDC. 

Resident screening will continue in accordance with infection control and prevention guidelines as recommended by the CDC. 

If an outbreak as defined by CMS/IDPH occurs or County transmission rates become “High” or have a positive COVID-19 case in the facility, the previously established outbreak policy will be implemented.  

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. Please contact us with any questions or concerns 563-382-3603.