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CELEBRATE WITH US at our Cheeseburger Drive Through Event

Aase Haugen is connecting with the Winneshiek County Cattlemen to celebrate National Skilled Nursing Care Week and May Beef month by providing a Friday the 13th ‘Lucky Lunch’ drive through at the nursing home. They will be serving delicious cattlemen’s cheeseburgers, chips, root beer, an apple and a special Norwegian treat of Kringle from 11am to 1pm. Cost for the meal is just $10 and all proceeds benefit the residents of Aase Haugen nursing facility.

Delivery of meals to local businesses was available - the deadline has passed.

This year’s National Skilled Nursing Care Week® (NSNCW) theme, Creating and Nurturing Connections, celebrates the essential role that Aase Haugen’s skilled nursing care staff play in creating and nurturing connections for their residents and community. In addition to protecting and caring for residents around the clock, Aase Haugen staff actively contribute to our community in a variety of ways, including church groups, volunteering on boards, supporting youth and school activities, and so much more.