Dear Resident, Families, Friends and Staff,

November is a time to reflect on our many blessings. At times we forget that just by living in the United States we have so many freedoms, opportunities and reasons to be thankful for. The first Thanksgiving celebration was held by the Plymouth Pilgrims in 1621, also known as the Puritans. The celebration lasted three days: with games as well as a feast. The reason for holding the first Thanksgiving was that the Pilgrims were thankful to be alive. Governor William Bradford invited the Wampanoag Indian tribe because they taught the Pilgrims how to cultivate the land, making it possible for them to survive. President George Washington proclaimed the first National Day of Thanksgiving. It is true we have much to be thankful for.

Talking about Thanksgiving we will allow visitors, if we are open, to schedule visits through the Activities Department. If we are not open, you will still need to check with the Activities Department for a possible compassionate visit. We will not be having our normal dinner like we have done in years past. We would love to do it, but we really can’t make it safe if we all sit down to eat and take our masks off. We will help assist with outings however these also need to be scheduled through the Activities Department as well. If you do take your loved one out, please understand we will do our best to care for all residents and transfers into cars are secondary to resident care.

On October the 12th Aase Haugen and the Assisted Living had our clinic for the Pfizer vaccine booster and flu shot for all residents and staff. This did not include all residents as some were vaccinated at different times. We are still seeking consents from a number of families to get the booster. We will be having another clinic for those who had the Moderna vaccine on November the 9th. Again, we encourage everyone, residents and staff to get the booster. We are hoping this dramatically slows the numbers of breakthrough cases we have seen with staff that were fully vaccinated so we can keep our doors open.

Winneshiek County as of the end of last week reported our community has a COVID-19 rate of 10.21%, meaning that all staff must be tested twice a week. That all staff must wear their mask at all times as well as their googles. At this time, we have a resident in the Assisted Living that has tested positive for COVID-19 and because of this, visiting is closed. At this time our nursing facility is open for visitors to schedule appointments for in person visits with the Activities Department.

Window visits, face time visits, phone calls and letters are all still possible. Inside visits with visiting rooms are also possible. Outside visits are also still possible too, however the weather may have something to say about visiting or not.

As always, we hope everything is going well for all our residents. Our staff works hard to ensure all our residents are well cared for, comfortable, and as happy as possible. However, if you do have a concern, please let our team know about it as soon as possible. We cannot fix something if we do not know about it. Once we know of the concern, we will address it immediately and make every effort to correct it.

Thank you for your continued confidence in Aase Haugen. If you are satisfied with our services , please tell a friend.

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

Sincerely, Orson Bauder - Administrator