About Us

Aase Haugen, our founder

Live your life on your own terms with the Christian elder care services from our nursing home in Iowa.  At Aase Haugen Senior Services in Decorah, IA, we provide compassionate care for each of our guests.

Aase Haugen Homes opened its doors in 1915, thanks in part to a wonderful donation of 240 acres of farm ground and a vision of something better from Aase Haugen.  She had been caretaker for her whole family, never marrying nor having children of her own.  She was left alone at the end of her life—something she wanted to prevent for others.

The original Aase Haugen Home for the Aged, operating today as the South Bear School.

Many of the local congregations banded together to raise the money to build the facility that started it all.  It was a cooperative effort to provide a home for the aged—the first of its kind in this area.  It offered a family where those who could not do for themselves could pool their talents and skills as a family—the Aase Haugen Family.  It was well used and well loved.

Over the years, Aase Haugen has evolved and changed with the needs of the community, always bringing its best and most innovative solutions to the table.  Our operations are still guided by a group of local congregations, and we still enjoy the family atmosphere with those who stay with us.  Our services have grown, our facility has changed, but our dedication to those who need us has not.


Expanding services to meet senior needs

Join the Aase Haugen Family and let our staff be your guide and advocate throughout the aging process.  With decades of experience at your disposal, you can be assured that we can help you navigate the confusing process that is senior care, ensuring no one is alone, but enveloped in compassion, companionship, healing and hope within the Aase Haugen Family of services.  Once a part of the Aase Haugen Family, you will have priority access to all other lines of service should you need them.  The staff and leadership are always looking for innovative methods, processes, and technologies to better assist those we serve in reaching their goals.