This Valentine’s Day, would you look into your heart and help us channel the love to our residents by making a tax-deductible gift to purchase seven vinyl covered lift recliners and install a new, big screen smart TV for residents in our dementia unit to enjoy?

Aase Haugen introduced Decorah’s only Chronically Confused Dementing Illness (CCDI) unit in 2016 to provide care for people with intermediate and advanced dementia. The recliners in the unit need to be replaced and  new vinyl-covered lift recliners will help residents stand, support infection prevention efforts and protect staff from back strain. A big screen TV will give the unit another option that can be customized to the cognitive level of the viewers.

Resident Stories

Lucille loves to watch TV. She is especially fond of shows that help her remember her past, but she just isn’t able to see the screen clearly. A big screen smart TV would allow staff to stream programs to adapt to the level of cognitive impairment of the viewer, and the big screen could help with those who have vision impairment. Custom smart TV channels can include reminiscing, storytelling, wildlife, music, and even channels designed to provide sundowners with therapeutic programming. Lucille would be happy with a big screen TV and shows that interest her.


Edwin enjoys reclining and watching the birds out the window, but when he’s ready to get up from his recliner it is difficult for him to stand without assistance. Edwin is a tall man and requires two nursing aides to help lift him from the chair. If he could have a new lift chair to help him stand, it would improve Edwin’s quality of life and help staff avoid back strain.