Voyage to New Horizons

Help us build a new community senior living nursing and assisted living complex.

Our goal is to build an innovative and amazing facility which allows us to provide exceptional quality care to enhance the lives of seniors in our community.

Why do we need a new community nursing facility? Why not remodel at current location?

  • Our current facility is inefficient to meet the growing needs of our residents and our community
  • We are simultaneously experiencing workforce challenges and an ever-expanding population of senior citizens known as the baby boomers
    • Population of Winneshiek County is 20,201 and 19.2% (3,878 people) are 65 and older.
    • Iowa residents age 65 and older count for 16.4% of population (2018) expected to rise by 3-4% by the year 2050 (Iowa Department on Aging).
    • If Winneshiek County remains on trend, and our senior population rises by 3-4%, we would expect an additional 607 senior citizen in our community.
  • Remodeling is not justified in the current location
    • The building is mechanically needy
    • Located in an area close to the river, where river levels have threatened our residents several times in the last ten years
  • It is a natural expansion to the Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) model of thriving senior living to locate near Vennehjem and Nabotunet
  • We believe it is part of our Christian ministry to build new nursing and assisted living homes that will fulfill the needs of our ever-growing senior population

Where and when do we plan to build?

  • The new facility will be located across the street from Vennehjem Home of Friends Independent Living complex, and just down the street from Nabotunet 50+ neighborhood of duplex homes - on Nordic Drive in Decorah
  • Our goal is to move into the new facility in 2021
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How much will it cost?

  • The estimate of $22 million will include the technology and amenities our residents need and expect

What will we offer?

  • Aase Haugen Senior Services will continue to enhance and offer the following lines of care:
    • Valley Suites skilled post-hospital rehabilitation (joint replacement, acute illness or injury)
    • 24/7 long-term care (licensed for 104 beds)
    • Hospice care
    • Assisted living apartments (20 units)
    • Respite care
    • Advanced and intermediate Dementia Care (24 beds)
    • Independent living at Vennehjem 55+ Senior Housing Community (50 homes)
    • Nabotunet 50+ Patio Homes (16 duplex homes)
    • Concierge coordinated services (activities, events, …)

How can you support the Capital Campaign to build a new community nursing home?
• Our community came together in 1915 to build the first retirement home in Haugendale in Decorah. Expansion added the Sunset Home in Calmar and again, in the mid-60s, our community supported building the Ohio Street nursing home to serve the needs of our family, friends, and neighbors who were aging.
• As a non-profit, we do not receive support from local government or a larger private health care network; and our churches are struggling to provide for Aase Haugen Homes while keeping up with the demands of their parishes.
• Today, we are focusing our energy to build a new facility to take care of our community.
• We need your support to build a facility that expresses the responsibility we have for senior citizens and a place any one of us may call home.
• All gifts of $1,000+ will be recognized on a donor wall at the new facility

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Levels of giving:
Captain: $1 million +
Quarter Master: $500,000 - $999,999
First Officer $250,000 - $499,999
Navigator: $100,000 - $249,999
Steward: $10,000 - $99,999
Crew Member: $1,000 - $9,999
Friend: $0 - $999

  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Top donor in each category will have the opportunity for naming
Total Gift Endowment
o Therapy/Wellness Area $ 2,500,000 $ 100,000
o Assisted Living $ 1,500,000 $ 60,000
o Renewable Energy

  • Examples: solar panels, solar water heating, solar exterior lighting, water containment, permeable pavers
$ 1,000,000 $ 40,000
o Dementia Unit $ 1,000,000 $ 40,000
o Chapel $ 500,000 $ 20,000
o Garden $ 250,000 $ 10,000
o Living/Dining Areas (3 available) $ 200,000 each $ 8,000 each
o Activities Area $ 150,000 $ 6,000
o Board Room $ 100,000 $ 4,000
o Furnish a Resident Room $ 50,000 $ 2,000
o Courtyard Pavers $ 1,000……$500…..$250

Why do we need your help?

  • We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization with no federal, state or local funding support, all your gifts are tax-deductible
  • We are an all-inclusive, all-embracing CCRC for everyone
  • We own the land, but need your help to build the dream
  • You can count on our quality
    • 2017 Top 5th Performer in the State by U.S. News World Report
    • 2017 Eli Pick Award for Leadership Excellence
    • Quality rated facility by CMS
    • Recognized by the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living for its achievements in Quality Initiatives

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What the new facility may look like: (these are preliminary drawings)

prototype 1

prototype 2

prototype 3