Welcome to the lifestyle of your dreams...

Nestled in the beautiful bluffs of Decorah. Joined by walking trails to Luther College and area park. A community of friends your own age just down the hall.

Vennehjem is a community of friends where you can enjoy a carefree, convenient lifestyle. We offer 10 different floor plans, ranging from 634 square feet to 1589 square feet. Our numerous community spaces offer generous rooms for entertaining, working, playing or as a quiet retreat.

Located on 40 acres of rural paradise, just a stone’s throw from the walking and biking trails that weave throughout Decorah and the surrounding areas, Vennehjem is a sanctuary for active seniors who value their freedom and admire comfort, convenience and community.

Built as a subsidiary of Aase Haugen Senior Services, part of a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)— Vennehjem’s purpose is to provide a convenient community that allows its members to thoroughly enjoy their retirement years, free of all the headaches of maintaining a house and yard.

Entry fees and Return on Investment

No need to gamble on a volatile real estate market, pay thousands in property taxes and insurances each year, or endure the hassle of selling a home again. Your return of equity is guaranteed at Vennehjem (See separate schedule below.)

Return of Equity Schedule

Based on your Return of Equity Schedule, the portion returned to you within 90 days of vacancy of your unit. No hassle, no selling, just your equity back to you based on the number of years you live at Vennehjem!

Length of stay % returned to you
Up to 1 year 90% of your entry fee
Up to 2 years 85% of your entry fee
Up to 3 years 80% of your entry fee
Up to 4 years 75% of your entry fee
Up to 5 years+ 70% of your entry fee

Your Costs

Based on your floor plan.

  • One Time Entry Fee
    • Refundable based on your Return of Equity Schedule
  • Base Monthly Fee
  • Renter’s Insurance on your Personal Property
  • Optional Fees
    • Indoor Garage Stall $50 (based on availability)
    • Carport $25
    • Guest Room Usage (fee per use)
    • Meals (fee per use)

*Rental options may be available (higher monthly fee with no entry fee due.) Call for availability. Prices subject to change.

The Vennehjem Lifestyle

You’ll enjoy all these comforts and conveniences

Reserving Your Place at Vennehjem

  1. Choose your favorite from our available floor plans.
  2. Put down your $5,000 occupancy deposit to secure first right of refusal on that unit style once available.
    • Your $5,000 deposit gives you first right of refusal on your favorite unit. If you pass on occupancy when first contacted, you will be contacted again the next time that unit style becomes available. This deposit will be fully applied to your entry fee upon closing.
  3. Sign your Residential Agreement
    • Agreement to take occupancy and close the deal! At this time, the balance of the one time entrance fee is due. Monthly payments begin on the scheduled occupancy date or at day 90 after the Residential Agreement is signed, whichever is first.

Vennehjem is part of our Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), which means our members have priority access to move from level of care to another, seamlessly within our organization as needed. Having several levels of care available on one campus is an incredible benefit – it provides you with the security of knowing that if you need/want Assisted Living, Memory Care, or Skilled Nursing Care at some point in the future, you won’t have to move to another community. Couples find this aspect of CCRC living especially important. Should one spouse need the services provided in another part of campus, the other can easily visit any time of day. This means couples can regularly spend time together socializing, dining, or engaging in activities. And, they know that their loved ones are receiving the services they need to thrive and maintain as much independence as possible.