Senior Services

The Aase Haugen Continuum of Care

In 1913 our area churches, spearheaded by Aase Haugen’s vision of elder care, provided the financial means for the construction of a home for the elderly. These same churches became the charter members of the board of directors and over the years other congregations have recognized the importance of active involvement.   Our mission at Aase Haugen is the same as it was in 1915, providing a place where elders are able to live with compassion, companionship, healing and hope.  Allowing them to live to their fullest and give as well as receive care.

Senior ServicesOur profession of elder care is one of the fastest growing sectors of healthcare in our nation. As a result of the baby boomer generation, ten thousand people attain the age of sixty-five each day across our nation, a statistic that will continue over the next 15 years. Persons over the age of 65 in the United States averages 13 % of the total population; 15 % in Iowa and nearly 19 % in Decorah.  Clearly we are an older community and all studies indicate that we will continue down that path. In Decorah, the amenities with which we are so familiar; cultural and scholastic opportunities, thriving businesses and easy access to quality healthcare, make it an ideal setting for comprehensive elder care and services.

Aase Haugen is committed to expanding the level of care beyond what is typically considered nursing care. We believe that a continuum of care is consistent with developing benchmarks of quality, recognition of cultural diversity, and services outside the traditional senior living environment.

Son helping his father walk

Looking to the future, our intent is to build a facility that will carry us into the next 100 years focusing on rehabilitation, assisted living, and comprehensive programming for those affected with dementia disorders such as Alzheimer's. Because of your benevolence, we have been able to continue our mission in caring for the elderly of our community.  Far beyond your financial support, we hope to gain your appreciation of the significance in making Decorah a community that serves it’s elders with respect, dignity and kindness. I look forward to working with you as we together provide a continuum of care for ourselves and for generations to come.