Alycia Burkick, LPN, knows the meaning of being busy. Not only does she give her all to caring for residents at Aase as a nurse and certified wound care provider, she keeps busy at home as a mother. She and her husband have 10 children and two grandchildren.  Alycia says she enjoys working in Aase Haugen’s fun atmosphere, adding, “When you come to work positive, everyone is positive and when you enjoy work, it doesn’t feel so much like work.” Alycia also says she feels fortunate to build long-lasting relationships with not only the residents, but their families as well. “I’m looking forward to the excitment of a new building,” says Alycia. “I think it will be more efficient for the workers and homier for our residents.” Alycia has been serving as a nursing leader for 8 years. Her advice to young people considering a career at Aase Haugen is, “Give it a try because it’s worth it. You will make a difference in people’s lives and that is very satisfying.” Thank you for sharing your talent with us at Aase Haugen, Alycia. We’re proud you’re part of the Aase family!

– Alycia Burdick, LPN, WCC at Aase Haugen