Meet Brandon Wieskamp, CNA, from Aase Haugen Assisted Living. Brandon is certified as a nursing assistant and in medical management. Brandon has had a variety of employment experiences that include working as a butcher in a locker and working with kids and adults with disabilities.

He grew up mostly in southeastern Iowa towns and in West Liberty before moving to Northeast Iowa.

“I earned my CNA and medication management certifications and found that this career is the perfect fit for me,” Brandon says. He has worked in Aase Haugen Assisted Living for two years and says, “The tenants here are fabulous. Their stories and experiences are incredible and I learn a lot from them. I think people who are looking for meaningful work and something they can be passionate about should work here. This is a great organization.”

In his free time Brandon enjoys fishing, kayaking and riding bike – his longest bike ride to date has been 65 miles!

With the new building in the future for Aase, Brandon says, “I feel confident about the new building. It will be great for the staff who are working really, really hard in this building. It’s good we all get along and are willing to help each other out and the new place will be so good for our residents!”

– Brandon Wieskamp, CNA & Assisted Living team member at Aase Haugen