Dori has been serving at Aase Haugen for nearly 25 years. She started as an Environmental Aide, moved to a Certified Nurses Aide, then on to Rehab Aide and PPS RUGS Coordinator, before joining the Business Office as Accounts Receivable and Payroll Clerk.  “I will have been at Aase for 25 years this coming December,” says Dori. “I’ve met so many residents over those years who have always had something unique to share. I really enjoy the residents.”

Dori grew up in a family of six with one sister and two brothers. “My dad was in the Navy for 20 years, so we lived everywhere from the Great Lakes to out West. My sister became my best friend because as ‘Navy kids’ we were never in one place long enough to make a best friend like other kids did,” Dori says.  “I remember the time when my dad was going to get stationed in Guam, and our whole family was going to move there. It was scary because Guam wasn’t really a safe place for us,” she said. “At the last minute they switched his assignment to California, and we were so happy!” Dori says her experience moving with her family taught her how to communicate with lots of different types of people.

She says her most memorable move while she was a child was when they headed through Montana on their way back to Iowa where both her mother’s and her father’s families lived.

Today Dori and her husband Kevin have five children of their own and they are expecting their 12th grandchild in 2022. “I have lots of hobbies,” says Dori. “I like to sew, crochet, cross stitch, embroider and I taught myself how to knit!” She says she likes learning new things and she also spends time making and selling jewelry. She says her favorite flower is the Hollyhock and her favorite food is anything that crunches! “My mom used to make tacos with hard shells that crunch,” she added. “I remember that and I really love tacos.”

When asked if there was anything people don’t know about her, she explained that she has always been a person who can feel energy from other people. She believes in signs from the other side and has long been a believer in Eastern medicine for healing. “My kids think I’m pretty unusual,” says Dori. “But my faith is strong.”

She says she’s looking forward to moving to the new Aase Haugen building in the future. “I think it will enable the workers to give better care because it will be a more efficient design. I also think the people who live here will benefit from the family-oriented layout.”

Thanks for all you do, Dori, we are so happy you are part of our Aase Haugen family.

– Dori Frana, Accounts Receivable & Payroll Clerk at Aase Haugen