Leah Bremer, RN, started her career at Aase Haugen working as a CNA back in the 90’s. She went on to earn her degree as a registered nurse from Northeast Iowa Community College and continued caring for people at Aase Haugen. “There’s just something that keeps me coming back to Aase Haugen,” says Leah. “My great grandparents and my grandmother lived here and I remember visiting them for coffee time as a child…so I have this strong connection and it just keeps pulling me back, like this is where I’m supposed to be.”

“Plus, my co-workers here are fun and the residents make my day with their stories and conversations,” she added.

Leah, and her identical twin sister, grew up in Decorah. Today she enjoys spending her free time with her two children, her stepson and five grandchildren.

Leah suggests anyone interested in nursing should take advantage of the local opportunities at NICC and Aase Haugen. “Aase offers scholarships that can really help save money on schooling,” she says. “We are so fortunate to have NICC so close, the instructors are wonderful and they provide the best education for nursing.”

Leah and her co-workers are looking forward to the new facility that will be built near Vennehjem. “It will be nice to give our residents a new place to call home and our employees a new environment that is more efficient and modern.”  Thank you for your dedication, Leah, we’re proud you’re part of the Aase family!

– Leah Bremer, RN at Aase Haugen